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October has finally arrived! And you know what that means…. HALLOWEEN!

In the United States, we have lots of well known monsters: vampire, werewolves, poltergeist, and more. As you guys might have already assumed, different countries have different monsters.

Today I will be talking about the yuki-onna. A yokai monster (ghost, supernatural, spirit) from Japan.

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The picture on the left (Figure 1) is a picture of an older depiction of the yuki-onna. The picture on the right (Figure 2) depicts a more modern picture of the yuki-onna.

Yuki-onna is literally translated into “snow woman”. There are many different myths and depictions of the yuki-onna. However, the appearance is generally the same. She is usually dressed in a kimono; however, there have been depictions of her nude. She has long black hair and pure white skin. Her eyes are known to be terrifying.

The origins of this yokai remains something of a mystery. She was supposedly a young girl who died on a snowy man. Hence why they typically live in mountains with snow. However, modern times depict them in places anywhere with snow.

Yuki-onna is very well known in Japan. And yet, there is no one single myth. There are myths of her being a blood sucking vampire, who goes and steal the blood and souls of men who she seduced. However, there are also myths of her being a loving mother and caring lover who fell in love with her prey.

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There is one well known myth about her. There were two woodcutters named Mosaku and Minokichi. One night there was a strong snowstorm so they took shelter in a hut. However in the middle of the night, Minokichi woke up and saw a woman with black hair and dressed in white. She was breathing on Mosaku’s face. The woman approached Minokichi and said to him “I planned on treating you like the other man. However, you are young and I pity you. Never tell anyone about this or else I will kill you” and she left. One whole year passed after this, Minokichi had not uttered a word of what he saw that day. He marries a young women and has children with her. One night, Minokichi tells her of the Yuki-onna he had met. His wife turned to him yells at him and announced that she was the yuki-onna from that night. However, she decided to spare him one last time for the children they had together. Then she melted into mist and disappeared.

Here is the link to the full story! Yuki-Onna story

I hope everyone learned a lot about the yuki-onna. If you’re thinking about a costume for Halloween, maybe this is something you want to try!