Bunny, Crane, and Samurai Hat

Hey everyone!

Thank you to those who came out to our first Origami meeting! There’s a good variation of techniques for the bunny, crane, and samurai hat that we folded together. I’ll go over each of the projects now!

For the inflatable bunny, it starts off with a waterbomb base. If you want to know more about origami bases, please refer to my post from last year! Just remember that this base folds back against the horizontal or vertical of the paper. Also, this project is a variation off of the origami balloon. If you want to learn to fold that, the previous post that I linked has instructions for that, too!

Sep Inflatable Rabbit
Inflatable Rabbit

The crane is a classic in origami (they’re basically the unofficial representing symbol)! Personally, I don’t really think it’s the easiest project to begin with, but it’s really fun to learn regardless. This origami is started with square base (but turns into a bird base later!) which means the paper folds back against the diagonals of the paper.

Sep Crane

Finally, we folded a samurai hat. This project was definitely the easiest as it does not require too many precise folds or any base. It’s just a simple origami that is fun for everyone!

Sep Samurai Hat
Samurai Hat

Hope you all had fun folding with me, good luck everyone! (v≧∇≦)v

Have a great day,



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