Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Hello Everyone!

Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching. In Japan, women are the ones that gift men with chocolate and gifts on Valentine’s Day! There are three types of chocolates that women often give out.

The first type is called the Giri-choco (also known as obligation chocolate). This chocolate is meant for male colleagues, close male friends, and other people whom the women have no romantic attachment/feelings to. It is usually an inexpensive gift women give. Below is an example of a Giri-choco.

Image result for Giri-choco

The second type is called the Honmei-choco (also known as True feeling chocolate). This chocolate is given to a boyfriend or husband. Women tend to make these at home to demonstrate true love. Some believe that if it is not “homemade” but bought at a store then it is not true love. These chocolates tend to be of a higher quality and more expensive than Giri-choco. Below is an example of a Honmei-choco.

Valentine's Day Tirol-Choco.jpg

The third type is called the Tomo-choco (also known as friend chocolates). Women gives these chocolates to their female friends. Below is a picture of Tomo-choco.

Image result for Giri-choco

Valentine’s Day chocolates are often a big hit in Japan. Many department stores have big displays with different chocolates that can be given.



Department store chocolates
Department Store Chocolate Display

Here are some recipes in making homemade chocolate if you’re interested!

If you want to make the chocolate from scratch click here!

If not, click here!

Or if you want, you could google “homemade chocolates” and you’ll definitely find a recipe you’d like.

Thanks for reading!



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