❣ Valentine’s Party ❣

Hey everyone!

In my previous post, I talked about how we should appreciate the people in our lives. So… how about throwing a party? (≧◡≦) It would be so fun to celebrate Valentine’s day with everyone. To help with all this, I’ve compiled projects to aid in invitations and decoration.

First of all, you have to make the invitations. A very easy heart can be folded to decorate these two projects that I found. This is the same heart used on the bear tutorial from my previous post. If you haven’t looked at that, here’s a link to an easy heart. I recommend gluing down the final flaps of the heart so that they don’t stick out.

After inviting people, we should decorate! Let’s make lucky hearts. If you’ve ever made a lucky star out of a strip of paper, this heart is a similar concept. You’re going to need a pair of scissors to round the corners. They would look adorable all grouped together like a jar of stars, but they would also look fantastic on a garland. You just need to use bigger strips of paper.

Heart Garland

Finally, everyone’s favorite— food!! Let’s make these geometric candy containers. They can be used to hold different candies and snacks such as candy hearts, M&M’s, and so on. Also, they’re cute favorite party favors.

Candy Containers

Doesn’t throwing a party sound so fun~ ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆♪ Seriously, it’d be exciting to have a get together with close friends and family. I hope you all try these projects whether you make it for an event or not. Thanks for reading! ^-^

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♡ Valentines ♡

Hey everyone~

It’s already February, and that means Valentines Day! >u< A lot of people seem to focus on the boyfriend/girlfriend aspect. Personally, I take this holiday as a day to appreciate all your loved ones— parents, friends, and significant others. Of course, that doesn’t mean having a sweetheart hurts. ^O^

The first project of this Valentine’s compilation is an origami heart with a tie. It’s not overly complicated, but does include a couple squash folds that may be difficult if you’re not used to them. This would be perfect for any man in your life or even a professional, working woman.

Heart Tie

You know what else you see a lot of during this season? Stuff animals! Teddy bears are so cute, so why not fold one, too? This design is kind of two projects together. Both the bear and heart are not too hard, so don’t worry. They look adorable together, and would be great for anyone from friends to family.

Minolta DSC
Teddy Bear

Finally… a Kawasaki rose. Among the multitudes of rose diagrams, this one is very famous. Not going to lie, it is hard to learn. The base folds are not too terrible, but the assembly can be a little confusing. I think the video does an excellent job of explaining the mechanics of it. Give it a try! They look amazing when they’re done, and your recipient will definitely appreciate the effort.

Kawasaki Rose

Try to make something this year and express your appreciation towards the important people in your life. Make Valentine’s a day to give thanks and show your love to everyone. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have fun! ^-^

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Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Hello Everyone!

Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching. In Japan, women are the ones that gift men with chocolate and gifts on Valentine’s Day! There are three types of chocolates that women often give out.

The first type is called the Giri-choco (also known as obligation chocolate). This chocolate is meant for male colleagues, close male friends, and other people whom the women have no romantic attachment/feelings to. It is usually an inexpensive gift women give. Below is an example of a Giri-choco.

Image result for Giri-choco

The second type is called the Honmei-choco (also known as True feeling chocolate). This chocolate is given to a boyfriend or husband. Women tend to make these at home to demonstrate true love. Some believe that if it is not “homemade” but bought at a store then it is not true love. These chocolates tend to be of a higher quality and more expensive than Giri-choco. Below is an example of a Honmei-choco.

Valentine's Day Tirol-Choco.jpg

The third type is called the Tomo-choco (also known as friend chocolates). Women gives these chocolates to their female friends. Below is a picture of Tomo-choco.

Image result for Giri-choco

Valentine’s Day chocolates are often a big hit in Japan. Many department stores have big displays with different chocolates that can be given.



Department store chocolates
Department Store Chocolate Display

Here are some recipes in making homemade chocolate if you’re interested!

If you want to make the chocolate from scratch click here!

If not, click here!

Or if you want, you could google “homemade chocolates” and you’ll definitely find a recipe you’d like.

Thanks for reading!