✉ Letter Folds ✉

Hey everyone!

It’s the start of a new year, and wouldn’t it be so fun to send someone a hand-written letter? It can be an exciting greeting for the beginning of 2017. My post today is about letter folds. These are folded papers with messages written on the inside. Remember when you were little and tried to pass notes in class? It’s similar to that! >u<

As I have just mentioned note passing, let’s start with that. The first project I compiled is literally a junior high folded note with a pull tab. It may be a little childish, but they bring back fun memories. And if you’ve never sent one, hey, I don’t personally think it’s too late to start. As written notes are sort of a dying culture, it’d be very meaningful to just send one as an appreciation compliment.


Pull Tab Note


The second project is just as easy, but I personally think this design is a bit classier. This bamboo folded note is super adorable and it would be super fun to send notes. One important aspect you may consider is how difficult the note is to refold. If this is going to be passed back and forth, maybe the design should be easier, so that your recipient can return it in the manner it was sent.


Bamboo Note


Finally, this final leaf design is pretty fancy. It’s a little harder than the previous two, but it looks gorgeous. I wouldn’t really suggest sending to spark a conversation. This project is more for a serious written letter and such. The instructions for this project are not in English, but no fears, because the pictures are pretty self-explanatory.


Leaf Letter


I hope you all try to make one and pay forward a compliment! It never hurts to hear some positive words. Who knows, you might even brighten someone’s day. Thanks for reading and have fun~ ^-^

Have a great day,



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