Origami Day

Hey everyone!

November 11th is origami day in Japan. This is an unofficial holiday where the paper crane is a well known symbol for peace. In honor of this holiday, today’s post will be about the story of Sadako and her 1000 cranes.

Paper Cranes

Sadako and the 1000 cranes is renowned in Japan and the crane is one of the most well known pieces of origami. Sadako was a young girl when the atom bomb of World War II was dropped. She developed leukemia from the radiation and was admitted into the hospital. To pass the time, she would fold cranes everyday hoping that her wish would come true. The belief is that one thousand cranes would grant one the creator one wish, thus hers was to get better and live.

She died on October 25, 1955 having completed over 1300 cranes. Her brother, Masahiro Sasaki, have donated some of them to various locations around the world— 9/11 memorial; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; and so on. After her death, Sadako’s friends and schoolmate raised a statue in her honor for the other children who passed away as a result of the war. At the base of the statue, it states: This is our cry. This is our prayer. Peace in the world.

Sadako Memorial

For Origami Day, try to fold something new! Or you can try folding the symbol of peace, a crane. Like always, I’m including a visual instructions, and a video. Thanks for reading and best of luck to everyone!!

Have a great day,

Yada Thia

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Sadako and the 1000 Crane References:


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