Autumn Leaves

Hey everyone!

I know it’s late, but there are still some leaves left on the trees! Kinda. Today’s post is going to be about the leaves we folded on club day. We folded two different types of leaves—maple and simple. I’m also going to be adding an extra one, but this one involves some cutting.

The first project was a maple leaf folded from a bird base. It’s not very hard to fold as long as you keep your folds as precise as possible. My stylistic choice is to fold the sides in at the end, otherwise the stem may look too chubby. The tutorial for this leaf comes from Origami Tutorial.

Origami Maple Leaf

Second item we folded was a simple leaf. This project is honestly quite easy to fold. If you remember folding fans as a child, it is basically the same repetitive motions as that. Since there are not many complex folds, this leaf can turn out quite large, so I would suggest cutting the paper down. The tutorial is from Origami Instructions.

Simple Leaf

Finally, the final maple leaf project is kirigami, so it involves scissors. The folding for this is also quite simple. When cutting the final structure, try to make narrow semicircles as it’ll look more like a maple leaf. This tutorial is from Sakura Tanaka.

Kirigami Maple Leaf

The compilation this month are on the easier side, but they’re still super fun to try out. Try making a colleciton of falling leaves. Best of luck and thanks for reading! ^-^

Have a great day,



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