November 5th meeting

Hello! This is your Japanese director, Stacie.

Last week, we had a combined meeting for Japanese and Origami. I kept the Japanese portion short because I knew teaching origami would take longer.We folded leaves and turkeys so I focused on Autumn themed words!

We learned:

秋 (あき), pronounced “aki,” which means “fall”

葉っぱ (はっぱ), pronounced “happa,” which means “leaf”

紅葉 (こうよう / もみじ), pronounced “kouyou / momiji.” This one’s a little more complicated to explain because there is no direct translation in English. If pronounced “kouyou,” it means something similar to autumn colors or leaves turning red. If pronounced “momiji,” it means “Japanese maple.”

七面鳥 (しちめんちょう) pronounced “shichimenchou,” and it means turkey.

感謝 (かんしゃ) pronounced “kansha,” and it means gratitude.

We also learned how to say phrases of gratitude for Thanksgiving.

私は____ に感謝しています (watashi wa ____ ni kansha shite imasu).

This translates to “I am thankful for my ____.”

Some words that can go into the blank are:

家族 (かぞく) (kazoku) – family

友達 (ともだち) (tomodachi) – friend

先生 (せんせい) (sensei) – teacher

For example, if you say “私は家族に感謝しています” (watashi wa kazoku ni kansha shite imasu), it means “I am thankful for my family.”

And that’s all I taught for November 5th’s meeting! Thanks to those who came on November 5th and we hope to see you tomorrow for cooking day!


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