Trick Or Treating

Hello Everyone!

I hope October is treating you well! Halloween is right around the corner and many of you might have already made plans on how you’re going to be spending it: costume parties, trick or treating, and etc. Similarly, Halloween is a fun day in Japan as well!

In America, trick or treat is a traditional activity. Children go out to their neighborhoods and knock on doors asking, “Trick or Treat”. Then they would receive candy and different small trinkets.

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Figure 1

People in Japan often go out to Halloween parties; however, trick or treating is still not as popular as it is in America.

Well first of all to go trick or treating, people have to pay in the neighborhoods that are hosting the trick or treating events. Second of all, children could only go to specific houses and only the people who paid before could go. Lastly, the children don’t say “trick or treat”. Instead, they say “Happy Halloween”. You can learn more about it by clicking on this video.

Why is this case? In Japan, there is a desire to avoid being a bother/pain to someone else. Going trick or treating can be imposing another house for candy and be real inconvenience (Reference).

There are different yummy looking candy treats. Most of these are very popular and often made to match the Halloween theme.

Image result for Japanese halloween candy
Figure 2  (Yummy!)

I hope the post help explain why trick or treating is different in Japan than it is in America. In Japan, people really do not want to be an inconvenience to others.

Image result for halloween in japan
Figure 3

Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!




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