Bats, Ghosts, and Pumpkins

Hey everyone!

Happy Halloween!!! I know it’s a bit early for celebrations, but the origami meeting for this month was Saturday, October 15th. That’s plenty of time to practice the ghost I taught. I would consider the level of this on the easier side, and it’s super fun because you can draw whatever face you want on it. Will yours be friendly or scary?

I had two other projects planned, but we didn’t get to them due to time constraints. The jack-o-lantern is about the same level of the ghost. Plus, you get to practice making the square base for this one! Like carving a pumpkin, you can add whatever face you want onto this. If you want a normal pumpkin, I would suggest making a stem and gluing it onto the back.


Finally, I saved the bat for last. It may be a little confusing at first, but I would rank this project as intermediate. This project is not composed of one of the basic folds, so that might throw you off a bit at first. The video is very easy to follow, though! For the eyes, I used my hole puncher to create white circles to glue on.img_4060


That’s all I have for today! To the right is an example of all the origami I have introduced today. I used them to decorate my dorm room door. Hope you are all inspired to fold Halloween origami this year. Good luck everyone!

Have a wicked day,


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