Origami Artist Spotlight: Tomoko Fuse

Hey OJC! This is Sasha, one of the Origami Directors, and today I want to tell you about Tomoko Fuse, one of my  favorite origami artists.



If you have ever seen any beautiful modular origami, chances are the person behind them is Tomoko Fuse.  Born in Niigata, Japan in 1951, she first began learning origami when she was bored in a hospital as a child and continued to pursue her passion after graduating high school.  tomoko_fuse

At the age of 19, she began studying under the renowned origami master Toyoaki Kawai.  Despite having such an influential mentor, Tomoko Fuse developed her own style and became one of the people who pioneered the field of modular origami.  She is most known for the countless books that she has written since 1981, which have been published in many languages, including Japanese, Korean, and English.


Online Instructions

There are many resources online with instructions on how to  make many of Tomoko’s models.  Here are two to get you started:




If you would like to take your modular origami skills to the next level, below are a couple of books that have been extremely popular over the years:

Unit Polyhedron Origami, Amazon Link




Floral Origami Globes, Amazon Link


If you are going to buy any of these books through Amazon, please remember to use smile.amazon.com, which allows you to donate a small portion of your eligible purchase to a charity of your choice, at no extra charge to you! 🙂

Links to instructions for the beautiful modulars at the beginning of this post:

Icosahedron and Rose Unit Kusudama

Origami Meeting!

If you liked what you saw in this post (or even if you didn’t), don’t forget to come out to our first full-length Origami Meeting!  Come to learn how to fold some awesome models (I’ve heard rumors that there will be origami cats) and meet fellow origami enthusiasts. Paper and guidance will be provided (please pay dues! c: ) but feel free to bring your own ideas and supplies.

When: Saturday, October 15, 1:00 p.m. CST

Where: Greg Hall Room 223 (follow our Facebook page for updates)



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