Origami Bases

Hi everyone!

First of all, I just wanted to explain to you guys on how my posts are going to work each month. My first post will most likely be an information piece, such as the History of Origami post from last time. Then, the second post will be actual hands-on projects.

For today, I’m writing on basic origami bases. As the name implies, they are very common structures that are used throughout various projects— cranes, pinwheels, butterflies, etc. Obviously, it is not necessary to memorize them, but the final product always looks better if you start with a good foundation.

Paper Kawaii

I’m linking this playlist from the website, Paper Kawaii, that has excellent video tutorials on how to fold these origami bases. Bases are not limited to only these twelve. On Origami Instructions, there are even more structures that can be learned.

Don’t dwell too much on trying to learn them all! Some of these are harder to master than others such as the bird or frog base. I’ll be linking some projects below, so that you can also practice utilizing these skills:

Origami Balloons


  • 16-Point Modular Star: Blintz Base
  • Origami Balloon- Waterbomb Base:
  • Twisty Rose- Square Base + Bird Base:

The projects I chose use some of the more popular bases. Good luck everyone!

Have a great day,



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