Japanese Cuisine-Tempura (天ぷら)


Hi Everyone,

Tempura (天ぷら) is definitely one of the most famous Japanese dishes in America. It consists of seafood or vegetables (sometimes both) that have been battered and deep fried. At the hands of skilled Tempura chefs at nice restaurants, tempura tastes delicate and is crispy fare that it is finger-licking good! The origin of tempura goes back to the mid-16th century. The concept of batter frying was introduced to Japan by Portuguese merchants. The word “tempura” is derived from the Latin word “Tempora”, which refers to “The Ember Days (quattuor anni tempora)”.


(Picture Retrieved from https://kurubeki.com/you-wanna-enjoy-an-authentic-tempura-and-kushi-age-for-lunch-in-ginza-tokyo/)

Using fresh and seasonal ingredients is the key to creating delicious tempura. It’s important to cut the ingredients to the same size and thickness to ensure all of them are cooked evenly at the same time. Although it might seem like a jumble of vegetables or seafood , but each component delivers something unique to the overall taste! In addition to being eaten as is, it can also be eaten with dipping sauce, salted without sauce, or used in combinations with other dishes. Wowww, おいしい!


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