Respect of the Aged Day

Hey Everyone!

Today is Respect of the Aged Day in Japan! It’s a national holiday that is celebrated on the third Monday every September. It’s also called Keiro no Hi. The Holiday can be traced back to 1947 in a small village from the Hyogo Prefecture.

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Figure 1

This day is the day to express respect to the elderly, thank them for all the contributions they’ve had to the community, and to congratulate them for their long lives. Elders who turn 100 years old 12 months before this day are given a silver sake dish from the government on this day. Below is a picture of a silver sake dish.

Image result for Silver sake dish respect the aged day
Figure 2

Sadly, due to government costs, the size of cups had shrunk and the government is currently thinking about just sending a letter and ending the practice.

Communities will throw parties and give special gifts to the elders.

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Figure 3

In America, we have Grandparents’ Day, but we don’t have a day where we respect the elderly in general. The Japanese show great respect for the elderly. It is part of their culture.

For this day, maybe you can call your grandparents or do something nice to an elder.




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