Entrance Ceremony

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer break! Before you knew it, summer flew by and now you’re back at school.

Hopefully by now, whether you’re a returning student or a freshman, you have settled into life at Urbana-Champaign. On the first day of school, you probably woke up, either super excited or just meh, and hopefully made it to your first class of the day.

Image result for japan Entrance ceremony
Figure 1

Above is a picture of a Japanese Entrance Ceremony for a school. In Japan the very first day of school is important for everyone. Elementary, Middle, High School, and some colleges have an entrance ceremony. Entrance ceremony, also known as nyugakushiki (入学式), is the first day of school. Teachers and the older students usually take a seat in a gym or a big room. Then, the younger students walk in and are greeted by the older students and teachers.

Figure 2

Usually the principal says a speech, encouraging and congratulating students on their first day. This is followed by the older class president then lastly a chose student from the new incoming students goes up and says a speech for his entire classmates. Lastly, the entire school would sing a song.

This ceremony allows the new students to feel more comfortable within the school and identify themselves as students of the school.

Entrance Ceremonies are more common for high schools and middle schools. It is not as common in colleges. However there are companies in Japan that still continue to do something similar to this.

Image result for japan Entrance ceremony
Figure 3

My last comment is whether it is a school or company, people put in a lot of effort to make the newcomers feel comfortable and a part of a bigger community.

I hope everyone had a great first couple weeks of school and is excited for events OJC will be planning!




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