First Meeting!

Hello folders and linguists!

First meeting is on September 28th, 5:00-5:50PM, Lincoln Hall 1028.

We are planning on splitting the meeting in half as many have expressed interest in either learning origami or Japanese. Those who want both should come in the first half and stay for the whole hour.

5:00-5:25 : Japanese

5:26-5:50: Origami

If you have origami paper, please bring it to the meeting. We received a huge amount of interest on Quad Day and, despite stocking well on origami paper beforehand for the club, feel that we may not have enough paper to sustain everyone who wants to experiment and try folding creations freely (as that is how we all learn origami).

Want to buy origami? If you have access to a car or are okay with taking the buses (Red C or Yellow N), there are arts and crafts stores “Jo-Ann” and “Michaels” outside of campus. Otherwise, go to AMKO. The store is very clustered and you’ll find it in the corner that’s straight ahead the entrance when you walk in (if still confused ask for help because they DO have it there). The paper is with other miscellaneous things. Now, origami paper is expensive, but the styled paper at AMKO (with the designs on it) is actually cheaper per page than amazon or crafts stores. They have tissue-esque origami paper too, but that is NOT recommended for beginners.

Any more news will be posted here!

We hope to see you at our first meeting!